1. Alison Brown
    Nashville, Tennessee
  2. Robbie Fulks
    Chicago, Illinois
  3. Leftover Salmon
    Boulder, Colorado
  4. Glen Phillips
    Santa Barbara
  5. Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley
    Nashville, Tennessee
  6. Michael Cleveland
    Henryville, Indiana
  7. Molly Tuttle
    Nashville, Tennessee
  8. The Brother Brothers
    Brooklyn, New York
  9. Elizabeth and the Catapult
    New York
  10. A.J. Croce
    Nashville, Tennessee
  11. Nicki Bluhm
    Nashville, Tennessee
  12. Mr Sun
    Nashville, Tennessee
  13. Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen
    Washington, D.C.
  14. I Draw Slow
    Dublin, Ireland
  15. Shannon McNally
    Nashville, Tennessee
  16. Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards
    San Francisco, California
  17. Old Salt Union
    Belleville, Illinois
  18. Mike Barnett
    Nashville, Tennessee
  19. Bobby Long
    New York, New York
  20. Sylvie Simmons
    San Francisco, California


Compass Records Nashville, Tennessee

A quarter of a century into its journey, Nashville-based Compass Records Group has earned a reputation for ‘redefining how roots music thinks about itself’ (Boston Globe). Upholders of traditions and blazers of trails, Compass artists represent the best from across the roots music spectrum. ... more

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